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Welcome to the “Fatality rate and internment period as indicators of quality of care in Portuguese Hospitals” webpage. Here you can find all the material related to the work developed by us, CLASS 11, in the context of our 1st year of the Medicine Integrated Master’s Degree at Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade do Porto.

            This assignment was developed within the scope of the curricular area of Introdução à Medicina I & II, and it concerns to the evaluation and comparison of hospitals' quality indicators in Portugal mainland. The main aims of our work are:

¡        Compare hospitals’ quality based on 2 criteria: fatality rate and length of stay.

¡        Evaluate the improvements of medical care in hospitals throughout the years (2000-2007).

On the other hand, the research question which our article and work are based consists in:

¡        What is the status of medical care system in Portugal for AMI and how has it evolved throughout the years (2000-2007)?

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Class 11


Regent:  Altamiro Pereira, PhD

Class Adviser: Armando Teixeira Pinto, PhD


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