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This website was created in order to let people know about the work that was developed by the elements of class 10 of "Introdução à Medicina" at Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade do Porto.
Here is possible to find information about the importance of quality indicators and their influence in management policies at healthcare services. Besides that, it is easy to access the results that were obtained for each analized indicator when concerning the activity of a central hospital from 1999 till 2008. 

In the left you can find the full article wrote by our class (with its various parts) if you want to access more specific and complete information; downloads, where the presentations made thoughout the year and others files (like gantt chart or drafts) are available; and the map of the site, to help you with the site organization.
We hope you like our work and the site.



Ana Cristina Barbosa Pereira

Ana Rita de Sousa Vieira de Oliveira

Ana Teresa Leite Fernandes Carapenha

André de Jesus Magalhães Vinha

Catarina Castro Vieira

Eduardo Manuel Pinto Ferreira Silva Freitas

João Manuel Dias Ferreira Rebelo

Mariana Almeida Leite Gomes de Oliveira

Nuno Filipe da Silva Ribeiro

Paulo Renato Moreira Guedes

Susete Marli Fonseca da Cruz

Vitoriano Penhor José da Costa



José Alberto Silva Freitas, PhD


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 Class 10 - Introdução à Medicina

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