Introdução à Medicina - Faculdade de Medicina do Porto
Trabalhos dos alunos - 2005/2006

A systematic review of the validity of endoscopic ultrasound for rectal carcinoma staging

The Access to Medical Records: a systematic review

A Systematic Review of the Validity of Endoscopic Ultrasound for Esophageal Carcinoma Staging

Prevalence of Chronic Pain: Systematic Review

Attitudes and Behaviour of Porto’s Health students

Risk factors which influence the evolution of acute pain into chronic pain: Systematic Review

Use of levosimendan in the treatment of acute heart failure

Electronic Patient Records - Who should access what?- Doctors’ view

Validity of lamellar body count in detection of neonatal respiratory distress syndrome – Meta-analysis

The mobility of elderly patients across healthcare institutions

Ambulatory monitoring for heart failure patient: comparison between home monitoring and usual care or daily clinics and usual care

Current state of informatics infrastructures in Portuguese health centers and its evolution since 2002

Drug Allergy Prevalence in the Adult Population

Assessment of Quality of Life in Patients treated with Chemo and Radiotherapy for Gastric Cancer

A systematic review of the validity of endoscopic ultrasound in gastric carcinoma staging

Psychological and social-economic characteristics of patients with severe asthma

Assessment of quality of life of patients with gastric cancer after surgery: a systematic review

Paper based vs. electronic based clinical records. The effects on hospital statistics

Is self monitoring more effective than usual care?

Evaluation of a Virtual Electronic Patient Record use by the medical doctors working at a hospital

Prevalence of adverse drug reactions: A self-reported random digit dialing study in the adult population of Porto

Accuracy of fetal echocardiography, A systematic review

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