Introdução à Medicina - Faculdade de Medicina do Porto
Trabalhos dos alunos - 2008/2009

Effect of Gender, Age, Height and Weight in Healthy Individuals on Exhaled Nitric Oxide (FENO) Values

Effect of Smoking Habits on Exhaled Nitric Oxide (FENO) Values

FeNO: Effective Diagnostic for Asthma? Influence of Allergic Rhinitis and Atopy on its Values - A Meta-analysis

C-Reactive Protein as a Prognosis Factor for Septic Patients - A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Mobile Systems for Chronic Diseases Telemonitoring: Current Status

Erythropoietin in the Increase of Quality of Life and Survival of the Patients with Chronic Heart Failure

Pre-hospital Thrombolysis when Compared with In-hospital Thrombolysis is Associated with Mortality Reduction and Prognosis Improvement in Patients with Suspected ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction

Evolution of Healthcare Quality and Activity Indicators in Portuguese Continental Region Public Hospitals from 2000 to 2007

The Effects of Nintendo Wii on Physical Health: a Systematic Review

Quality Indicators and Healthcare - A First Step to the Evaluation of Healthcare Quality

Comparison and Evolution of Medical Care of Inpatients with Acute Myocardial Infarction in Portuguese State Hospitals

HeartFailure - Determinants of Fatality and Lenght of Stay in Public Hospitals

Brain Fitness - Clinical Trial to Measure the Effect of Cognitive Training in Brain's Abilities

OpenEHR in Healthcare - a Review

Practice of Endoscopic Mucosal Dissection: A Survey of European Gastroenterologists

Management of Premalignant Lesions of Gastric Cancer: a Survey of the Main Options Applied by European Gastroenterologists

Validity of Remote Dental Diagnosis of Children by Medicine Students

Analysis of the Portuguese Public Hospital’s Performance Through Quality and Management Indicators

Effect of Anti-inflammatory Asthma Medication on Feno Values – a Meta-analysis

Eversion Versus Patch Closed Carotid Endarterectomy: Morbi-mortality One Year After Surgery

Analysis of the Development of Quality and Management Indicators in a Central Hospital

The Use of Bayesian Networks Supporting Diagnostic in Emergency - A State of the Art

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